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Through its journey of about eight decades, Jangipur College has etched itself as an eminent landmark in the academic and cultural landscape of Murshidabad, with a firm belief in Swami Vivekananda`s liberal idea that education is not mere accumulation of information but a “life-building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas.” Our illustrious body of alumni bear proof to the fact that this is an institution where each student is inspired to discover his/her innate potential, to develop a rational and independent approach towards learning, to inculcate values of mutual co-operation and contribution towards the society, nation and the world.   As an institution of higher learning, Jangipur College offers a wide range of subjects to students and presently runs thirteen departments under a body of rich and competent faculty members who are accomplished as teachers and acknowledged for their research and academic acumen. The college seeks to inspire students to explore and discover knowledge not only to excel in University examinations but to improve the self and bring about changes in the world around. The students are offered rich and updated library, internet facilities and the class room teaching is based on the state-of-art teaching aids to make the teaching-learning process impressive, interactive and mutually enriching.   Jangipur College has a rich history of cultural, co-curricular and extension activities. Students of the NSS unit have excelled in their field and the students representing the college in the Youth Parliament Competition organized by the Department of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of West Bengal have won at the state as well as district level.  As the Teacher-in-Charge of such a college I would like to reiterate my firm commitment to the ideals of this institution and  remind, with Muriel Spark, that  the “word 'education' comes from the root 'e' from 'ex', out, and 'duco', I lead. It means a leading out. To me education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul.” At the threshold of a new academic year 2018-19, I look forward to another fresh group of capable and promising students who will carry forward the enlightenment ethos of the college, share the liberal and noble ideals and values that the college cherishes, be benefitted with the college infrastructure and leave such an indelible mark in the academic, cultural and creative sphere that we all will be proud of.




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